Timing is everything

Why is it that you can hold onto something for years, unused, but as soon as you decide to discard it, within hours a need for it will pop up?

Just a few days ago, my wife donated a pair of pajama pants that she didn’t need, along with a bunch of other clothes. That very night, as she got ready for bed, she ripped a huge hole in another pair that she had kept. So, where’s that spare pair? At the thrift store, of course!

So, this experience illustrates what we might call the Fundamental Law of Hoarding: Do not get rid of anything, because as soon as you do discard something, in only a very short matter of time, you will need it again.

Oh well. Life is full of regrets. And, anyway, we can console ourselves with the thought that in a couple of days, the thrift shop will have processed her donation, and she can make another trip down there, and if she’s lucky, she can buy her donation back!