Water, water nowhere

Water issues have been in the news lately, and from across the globe.

Minnesota Public Radio has been running a series of reports this month about water issues. Even here in the land of 10,000 lakes, concern about water is on our minds.

In the New York Times yesterday, a big article entitled “Big Mexican Farms Suck Up Water, Leaving Villages High and Dry” reports that the well in the village of San Antonio de Lourdes in Guanajuato state has been dry for years. The villagers collect rainwater to supply their needs. Down the road, meanwhile, large export farms are pumping contaminated water out of deep underground aquifers in order to grow lettuce and broccoli for American consumers to eat.

Thank you, NAFTA.

And in the New York Times today, the front page reports that Thursday was India’s hottest day on record. The heat wave’s deleterious health effects, such as diarrhea, dehydration and fever, are exacerbated by the ongoing drought.

Human beings cannot survive without water. Mexicans and Indians alike are praying for rain.

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