The One Hour Business Plan: Building the Value Proposition Statement

Module 1: What are you offering?
Creating a value proposition to make the Business Model stronger.

As we continue  with module 1, we learn about the Value Proposition statement.
The starting point is to answer the following question.  “What are you offering?”

The Value Proposition defined: A marketing statement providing reasons why consumers should purchase a product or service.  It’s purpose is to boldly convince the consumer that your product or service will solve a problem or add more value to the consumer than another companies product or service.

The formula at work here is (Consumer + Problem/Need) + (Company + Solution/Product) = Transaction

A transaction should occur when the Value Proposition convinces the Consumer that their Solution or Product matches their Problem or Need better than any other company selling in the same market place.

Does your Product or Solution solve their problem or satisfy a need they have that is better than another company offering a same or similar Solution or Product?  If so, make sure your Value Proposition clearly convinces the Consumer that this is the case.

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