The One Hour Business Plan: Building the Value Proposition Statement

Module 1: What are you offering?
Creating a value proposition to make the Business Model stronger.

As we continue  with module 1, we learn about the Value Proposition statement.
The starting point is to answer the following question.  “What are you offering?”

The Value Proposition defined: A marketing statement providing reasons why consumers should purchase a product or service.  It’s purpose is to boldly convince the consumer that your product or service will solve a problem or add more value to the consumer than another companies product or service.

The formula at work here is (Consumer + Problem/Need) + (Company + Solution/Product) = Transaction

A transaction should occur when the Value Proposition convinces the Consumer that their Solution or Product matches their Problem or Need better than any other company selling in the same market place.

Does your Product or Solution solve their problem or satisfy a need they have that is better than another company offering a same or similar Solution or Product?  If so, make sure your Value Proposition clearly convinces the Consumer that this is the case.

This Isn’t your Father’s Cloud!

“In times of drastic change, it is the learners who will inherit the future.”

– Eric Hoffer

I think this is relevant to the changes we are seeing with Cloud technology services.  There are major changes in the works with the advent of Cloud technology.

A lot of companies are either moving to the Cloud, considering moving to the Cloud or building a hybrid solution of a mixed on premise infrastructure and Cloud hosted infrastructure.  This is changing how Server and Infrastructure people work.

At the end of the day, the deliverables are the same.

How we deliver services will change.

In the near future logging onto servers directly will be a thing of the past.

Automation is king in the server support delivery of tomorrow.

I mean that almost literally.

Tomorrow is only a day a way.

Are you ready? Are you preparing to be ready?

If not you may find yourself saying “Do you want fries with that Password change?”

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Can a machine learn from the mistakes of others? Can it at least learn from its own mistakes?

Credit Scores

The Credit Score is a classic example of predictive analytics. A pile of information about you and your financial history is mathematically combined into a single number, your “credit score”, that purports to predict your future behavior. Paying your debts, etc.

Decision Trees

See the website for an amusing illustration of a decision tree, wherein you assume the guise of a dictator or a sitcom character, and the computer attempts to determine who you are.

Trick-or-Treaters; Trickle or Torrent

Over the years, my neighborhood has experienced ebbs and flows of trick-or-treaters. Some years, no scary monsters or fairy princesses come to the door, and we end up eating all the candy in the bowl ourselves. Other years, we get so many visitors that we run out of treats, and then turn off the lights to pretend we aren’t home.

What’s the difference?

Based on our very informal observations, it is not the weather: rainy or fair, warm or cold, it doesn’t seem to matter. And that seems, strange, because our intuition is that trick-or-treaters would be very sensitive to that, and would find inclement weather to be very discouraging.