Stock Exchange Hot Potato

Here’s an interesting factoid trend, showing how the “average holding period for a stock” has declined over time. It comes courtesy of Yes! magazine:

In 1945: 4 years

In 2000: 2 months

In 2011: 22 seconds

Quite dramatic, isn’t it? The time between buying a stock and selling is 22 seconds. On average! Which also implies that many such holding periods were much, much less than 22 seconds, and no doubt less than 1 second.

Also without a doubt, computerized program trading is responsible for this acceleration, and the average human investor is left in the dust.

The question becomes, as always : Cui bono?

Who’s your Data?

“Who’s your Data?” is a play on the slang expression “Who’s your daddy?”.  This is a rhetorical question that can be used to help Big Data Coders develop elegant, savvy and beautiful code to harvest the exact data at the exact time for the Data Seekers who need to use it.  The big data coder needs to be smarter than the data and have dominance over it in order to match the data to the seeker or user.  The big data coder must know their customer (the data seeker) and be able to understand the way they think and identify what they are really looking for from the data available to them.

In a sense, they are the data they are looking for.

Who is the data seeker and can you find the data they are looking for?

So Big Data Coder…Who’s Your Data?